Inner Peace

Find_innerpeaceThe statistics tell that mind produces more than thousands of thoughts in a minute. There is only one thing which can make us capable of stopping the high flow of thoughts is meditation. Meditation teaches us how to keep a check on the productions of thoughts. Meditation is the only source which can take us close to the soul; which is a genuine part of the Divine Light. The biggest hurdle which stops to go near the soul is the mind. The mind in its entirety must be immersed in God and this is the easiest path to a peaceful life and salvation.

To control our monkey-mind, which roams all around aimlessly and generates several negative thought, we can practice breathing exercise (Pranayam) and mould our thoughts towards positivity. Anulom Vilom is one of the breathing exercise, which helps us regulate our breathing pattern, controls our minds, heart starts function properly, boosts our vital energy, and slows our thinking power. Thus resulting into generating positive thoughts. Controlled breathing directly affects the brain cells and helps sharpen our memory.

Once we know this breathing pattern, our bodies function properly and our health enhances. This is also known as Pranic breathing exercise. This Pranic breathing is an internal exercise for our muscles and tissues. This breathing massages body’s vital organs and is very essential for those, who desire to enjoy great health. In Nature Cure pranic breathing is considered a gift from Mother Nature. We feel filled up with a feeling of wellness and physical and mental peace.

We are so much involved in physical life and an unending list of wants and desires that we are always suffering from stress and pains. However, once we learn to live spiritually, there are no worries and pains and the mind and body are always relaxed. If you have a list of affirmations, then repeat all those beautiful lines “IN THE PRAISE OF LORD” every night before sleeping. This will take you to a relaxed state of mind and there will be no stress, depression and worries, thus leading a peaceful life.

Yoga is also a great tool to eleminate stress and tension from our lives. Yoga’s aim is to develop through gradual stages a special quality of mind, which can observe and perceive reality and acquire self-knowledge through the healthy and systematically functioning of the mind, body and emotions.


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