How to Enjoy A Good Night’s Sleep

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Expert Author Sudesh Abrol INSOMNIA: In these days of electronic growing technologies, human life has been on an insurmountable problem. It has made a big impact on sleep, which is very essential for human life. Any kind of workday needs a very peaceful night’s sleep because it repairs the emotional, mental and physical torture of the day. Let’s look at the reality. It has been reported that over 35 million people have lost the ability to have a sound sleep through the night. In the olden times, people used to lose sleep after the age of 50. However, these days even the young generation is falling prey to this disease of sleepless nights. Human life is considered at the supreme position amongst all the living beings on earth. There are four essential qualities, which are common in humans and animal life. These are food, sleep, fear and procreation. Humanity has been endowed with wisdom. One who lacks wisdom and knowledge is no better than an animal. Of course, the bookish knowledge is very essential for making money for a comfortable living, but wisdom is the true knowledge, which can lead us to self-realization and the experience of oneness. Self-realization can help us be free from all worldly diseases.

There are innumerable cures offered by modern medical science. Take a pill before going to bed for a sound sleep. You will find hundreds of these over the counter pills and prescription medications. These pills may or may not give you sleep, but definitely will give side effects of addiction to these drugs. Why become a slave to these drugs? Why not train your body to enjoy a good night’s sleep? Homeopathy has many medicines to fight this sickness. There are many suggestions from the Ayurvedic system. Start a Yoga class. Your body and mind will feel relaxed and you will be able to sleep properly. There are many exercises recommended by doctors and fitness experts, like aerobic exercise, working with heavy weights, jogging, brisk walk, yoga, Tai chi and several more. These exercises are very beneficial for us. I am introducing you to a new exercise, which is called Pranayam (breathing exercise). The best part is that you can incorporate this soothing exercise into any routine you already do! The Sanskrit name of this exercise is Pranayam. Prana means breath or life force and yam means discipline. Practicing Pranayam for fifteen minutes every day will help your body produce more energy, enhance mental and physical health, sleep better, and boosts physical strength and inner vital energy. It also removes ailments from the body and keeps us relaxed and calm.

Our mind is the culprit, which creates negative thoughts. To control the monkey-mind, which roams all around aimlessly and generates several negative thoughts, we can practice breathing exercise (Pranayam) and mold our thoughts towards positivity. Anulom Vilom is one of the breathing exercises of Pranayam, which helps us regulate our breathing pattern, control the mind, properly function our hearts, boost our vital energy, and slow the minds speed of thoughts. Thus resulting into generating positive thoughts. Controlled breathing directly affects our brain cells, helps sharpen memory, and bring us a good night’s sleep.

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