Nutritional benefits of eggplant


Select eggplant, which is firm and heavy for its size. Its skin should be smooth and shiny with its deep bright purple color. I have tried white but purple eggplant is my favorite with no discoloration. It has a spongy texture with a mild different taste, I will not call it bitter or pungent. Always buy with its stem and cap on one side. The good thing about eggplant is, it is full of nutrients like minerals, vitamins, enzymes, protein and fiber. It is also helpful for many diseases and in Nature Cure, we believe it is antioxidant and anti-cancer. Test it pressing down with the pad of your thumb and if it bounces back, buy it because it is ready to cook. It was grown more for a decorative garden, but when new varieties were developed, people picked up its taste and benefits. History claims that eggplants grew in India. It was then cultivated in China and Africa and ultimately, went to Italy and Japan. Now eggplants are so popular and grown everywhere.

When I moved to Arizona from California, I found my backyard was very fertile. I bought some plants and started taking good care of them. I got so many beautiful eggplants that I started taking bags full for my yoga students. The sad part is, they did not know what it was and how to cook. Many students asked me to explain recipes to cook them. My husband was tired of eating eggplants, but I remember, I picked one medium size eggplant every day, stir fried and ate with cilantro chutney as my breakfast. I love vegetables.

In India, eggplant is a popular food and I have always been an eggplant lover. We call it ‘baingan’ which actually means ‘without merit’. I do not know who assigned this name? In the beginning, eggplant has for a long time been misunderstood as a food without nutrients. But, while studying Nature Cure I was delighted to know it has so many benefits.
• Eggplant is low in calories, contains no fat and is rich in fiber that helps you feel full
• It has iron, calcium and all the essential nutrients for the human body
• It contains Vitamin K and bioflavonoids that helps hot flashes for women community and avoids blood clots in the body.
• It is a highly flavorful veggie indeed and after cooking, I relish it is highly flavorful taste
• Eggplant has certain essential nutrients that improve blood circulation and nourish the brain
• It has no fat and in Nature Cure, we believe eggplant as a heart-healthy food
• We do not throw the skin because it is packed with concentrated essential nutrients and the rich dark purple color protects from colon cancer
• Eggplant has always been used to control and manage diabetes for its high fiber
• It also lowers bad cholesterol and controls high blood pressure. It helps relieve stress too
• To enjoy its delicious flavorful taste, you can grill, stew roast and bake with your favorite spices. If you go after the taste and fry it, remember, it will soak up a lot of fats which makes our food and body heavy. Cook and eat light and live light.

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