Green Cardamom for health

Friends learn more benefits of green cardamom (Chhoti Illaichi). We all know and use it as a breath freshener but here I am giving you great useful tips. If we chew three green illaichi daily at bedtime and drink 10 oz of hot water (not boiling): help us decrease bad odor and dryness from the mouth, cleanse kidney removing urine burning sensation, and intestines thus help easy bowel movement. It guards against UTI problem, aids good sleep, loose the extra hanging fat around the belly, sharpen our brain restoring memory and lessen stress, strengthens hair follicles maintaining its original color, and calm the body. Three pieces of cardamom eaten slowly and swallow with hot water each night at bedtime also can boost vitality, especially, men’s physical strength, increase sperm count, thickens sperm, and enhances fertility. It assists in strengthening our bones, better breathing and helping Asthma patients to calm down; bring a glow on the face enhancing beauty inside out. (It is not from my book. My teacher told me to share it with my friends). Enjoy these great tips. ……….More in next