Inner Peace

Enjoy the gift of life but do not get attached to this perishable body. Develop it as an instrument or a tool and consider your “self” as being a separate entity from the body created out of the union of five elements. With the help of Yoga, Pranayam, and Meditation now you can become an indestructible Atma (Soul). The human nature is the root cause of all the pain, grief and miseries. You have the ability to make your body obey your wishes. Believe in a purity of heart, concentrate on the truth to know the body and Atma are separate. Like the two sides of a coin, they live together always but never meet each other face to face. The regular practice of these valuable and simple tools helps to realize the truth of your Divinity within and in all the Jeevas (living beings) in the entire Universe. Each human being is passionate and craving for Inner Happiness but they are following the negative routs. That’s why millions of people are suffering from so many mental and physical ailments and are living in horrible conditions.