family1When a car accident in 1984 left her in pain with spinal damage, she started medical treatment which involved years of medication consumption, physical therapy and epidural injections. The severe pain still persisted! She was told by several doctors she would have to live with that pain. Her nephew, who was a Yoga Expert, visited them from India and introduced her to several yoga postures, which decreased the pain by at least 30%. Then she went to India in 1988 to learn more about Yoga and Nature Cure from renowned teachers and gurus in the hills of Himalayas. Her writings in this book reflect the knowledge that she has attained. As a senior citizen, she can proudly profess that her pain has diminished completely! She lives disease-free and is not dependent on any medications.

Her passions in life involve writing, cooking, and teaching yoga. She has been teaching Yoga, Breathing exercises and Meditation for the past 25 years. She wants people to benefit from India’s richest culture and great spiritual heritage. Come practice yoga in her class at Senior Citizen Center and Snedigar Recreation Club in Chandler.

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