Scrumptious Meals from India

familyOne of my fondest childhood memories is about my mother. Whatever she did for all of us came from her heart. People used to say “she had a warm heart”. Her guidance and teachings were so special that up to this day I still employ them towards with my own special family. One of her my mother’s most precious teachings involved the importance of cooking. She used to teach and explain to me to enjoy the pleasure in cooking, the adventure in cooking and most of all, the feeling of cooking. Cooking soon became a joyous pleasure for me that comes from my heart.

In 1978 when I immigrated to the United States with my husband and three little lovely daughters, Shivani and my twins Simi and Seema. I was very still very fond of cooking and my food was much sought after by my friends and relatives. My friends begged us to start our own catering services. Finally we came up opened with the SHIVA RESTAURANT, Cuisine of India in Fremont Plaza, in Fremont, California. The food was very much appreciated by customers in different newspapers, which made Indian food more popular in the area.

A stage came when eventually I began offering cooking classes in the restaurant due to customer demand. I was then still a bit shy to explain and demonstrate my skills in public. I shared my weakness with my students and they encouraged me to write the recipes for them. I thank all those people , who encouraged and persuaded me to write down these recipes. My husband, who is a wonderful cook now, and my daughters were the best judge to give me their criticism on numerous culinary experiments in my kitchen. A special thank you to my dearest friend Cynthia Hammersley for your encouragement and support for the divine gift through this process, I am highly grateful to them and I also thank all those who have inspired and encouraged me in writing this cookbook.

PLEASE REMEMBER: – When you start cooking be a little creative, put in a little sincere effort and mix the ingredients thoroughly with faith in your skills. Blend it everything with a little tenderness and kindness, bring in a little sunshine and sprinkle your love abundantly. Serve smilingly and generously and help your children and spouse every day. This life is too short, but very precious and we have only this one life – nothing else.

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