• “Your book is a great inspiration. Whenever I get a chance I make sure I read a few pages every day. You have poured your heart and soul into your book. I call it a timeless classic. I am looking forward to your next book.”
— Joy Kapur (Author)

• “I Am chef for last 40 years and been almost around the world looking for healthy well balanced recipes and never came across those until I got this book. Now I am in 1400 room 5 star hotel and this book is going to b my guideline for “Healthy Choices” menu for Vegan and vegetarian no gluten recipes. This one book I’m going to recommend to all chefs around the world for their menus and for keeping cool and Peaceful mind in busy kitchens.”
— V Thukral (Chef)

 all in one book how to live

i am a very health conscious lady who keeps reading all possible articles on health in different kind of books. i bought this book 4 months back and kept reading again and again till i really understood what this writer wants us to do with our body and i am surprised after reading this book that how much i did not know.with my serious reading of this & my efforts to follow, my life has changed completely and i don’t have to look for some thing else.”Peacful Mind and Skinny body” is like an ocean of knowledge.thank you so much Sudesh Abrol for sharing so many things in such a simple way that every one can understand and take advantage of your book. God Bless [by Uma Thukral / Kuwait]

 Peaceful Mind, Skinny Body by Sudesh Abrol

Unbelievable. This book is a key to the balanced life. Well written and must read in this busy and competitive society. Relationship of mind and body is so tactfully and so delicately handled that forces all to really finish the book once you start.

 Peaceful Mind, Skinny Body

All I have to say is Thank You for sharing your knowledge!! This book has taught me how easy it is to live a healthy lifestyle. Once I understood this, the weight just melted away. This book is the best investment I’ve made in my future and the future of my family! [by Seema Lopez]

 A very beneficial book to read

If you want real health advice rather than the cliche advice that you always hear, I highly suggest this book. I definitely have a different perspective of what “peace” is now for my mind and body, and can live a stress-free life. A plus is that I also look and feel healthier.

Scrumptious Meals from India

Five Stars August 17, 2014

By Sunil Sethi
What an excellent book. So many wonderful recipes. Very easy to follow the directions.


Scrumptious Meals from India

5 stars Excellent for the price. October 11, 2014
By Priya Sethi
This is an excellent cookbook. Very easy to follow, and each item I tried to make turned out delicious. I highly recommend this book. Looking forward to Volume 2. The book is very reasonably priced, for all the recipes it offers. Clearly written and all the ingredients were easy to find.


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