What kind of Pranayam do I perform and teach?

People ask me what kind of Pranayam I do and teach? The answer is: there are many breathing exercises, but I teach that connects with the SOURCE, makes you balanced, perfectly healthy and centered, and a few exercises in mind, with no physical involvement. Many people add their names to build their brand name and derive commercial benefits, but I teach guided and therapeutic which shows its effects on your health and life. They add more adjectives, homemade rules, and activities with the so-called Yoga, Pranayam, and Meditation but I teach from Maharishi’s Patanjali Yoga Sutra with their original name.

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Sudesh Abrol: http://askdavid.com/reviews/book/yoga/6523

As per our ancient scriptures, this body is a temple of Supreme Almighty Power. He chose to dwell in this body. Please take very good care of this body and your health. The body and soul are two different aspects of this life. Soul is a splendid tiny spark as I believe the ‘Genuine Part’ of The Big Lord, which lives in this body; therefore, please consider this body as a vehicle carrying the splendid tiny spark and do not abuse and mistreat this vehicle. Now you know that this body is not only a mere body, but also a temple or a house of the Lord. Keep this house clean, beautiful, gorgeous, spotless and strong always………..from my book “Peaceful Mind, Skinny Body”.