What kind of Pranayam do I perform and teach?

People ask me what kind of Pranayam I do and teach? The answer is: there are many breathing exercises, but I teach that connects with the SOURCE, makes you balanced, perfectly healthy and centered, and a few exercises in mind, with no physical involvement. Many people add their names to build their brand name and derive commercial benefits, but I teach guided and therapeutic which shows its effects on your health and life. They add more adjectives, homemade rules, and activities with the so-called Yoga, Pranayam, and Meditation but I teach from Maharishi’s Patanjali Yoga Sutra with their original name.

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Top 7 Natural Remedies to Fight Sciatica

sciatica-reliefSciatica pain travels along the sciatic nerve, which descends from back of the pelvic to the back of the hip, thigh, and goes down the legs and touches the foot sometimes. When it happens, it is severe pain, most of the time, unbearable and the patient has to stay in the bed for couple of days. This pain may be the

reason of injury by accident, a fall, injury of the nerve, or due to inflammation in the nerve and the area around. This may also happen due to overweight creating pressure on the sciatic nerve. Pregnant women and diabetic persons often get this pain along the sciatic nerve. Lifting heavy weight or falling at slippery place, is the common cause of sciatica pain. Different people explain different experiences.

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Top 7 Tips and Natural Therapies to Ease Back Pain

backpain1Back pain is a common complaint from men and women. Sometimes, it is painful to hold the body straight or to even move your back. You feel like you have damaged your skeletal structure. The reason for acute backache might be due to lifting weight, exertion, neural tension, faulty posture, sagging bed, congestion of blood, lack of exercise, high heels, overweight, accidents and sitting long hours, and slouching. Eight out of ten people may have lower back pain at sometime in their lives, as estimated by the experts.

Society’s current lifestyle is a major contributor of back pain. In the old days people walked for miles for their needs, now we hardly move. The car is in the garage with hardly steps to get into it.

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Top 10 Simple Methods to Help Ease Asthma

Woman using an asthma inhaler
Woman using an asthma inhaler

Asthma symptoms cause shortness of breath, chest tightness, congestion, wheezing, and difficulty in breathing. This lung disease affects over 25 million Americans. There are many reasons like stress, dust, mold, pollen, and change of weather that can directly aggravate this condition; thus, leading to asthma attacks. Sometimes, it is genetic.
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How to Enjoy A Good Night’s Sleep

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Expert Author Sudesh Abrol INSOMNIA: In these days of electronic growing technologies, human life has been on an insurmountable problem. It has made a big impact on sleep, which is very essential for human life. Any kind of workday needs a very peaceful night’s sleep because it repairs the emotional, mental and physical torture of the day. Let’s look at the reality. It has been reported that over 35 million people have lost the ability to have a sound sleep through the night. In the olden times, people used to lose sleep after the age of 50. However, these days even the young generation is falling prey to this disease of sleepless nights. Human life is considered at the supreme position amongst all the living beings on earth. There are four essential qualities, which are common in humans and animal life. These are food, sleep, fear and procreation. Humanity has been endowed with wisdom. One who lacks wisdom and knowledge is no better than an animal. Of course, the bookish knowledge is very essential for making money for a comfortable living, but wisdom is the true knowledge, which can lead us to self-realization and the experience of oneness. Self-realization can help us be free from all worldly diseases.

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