Inner Peace

Find_innerpeaceThe statistics tell that mind produces more than thousands of thoughts in a minute. There is only one thing which can make us capable of stopping the high flow of thoughts is meditation. Meditation teaches us how to keep a check on the productions of thoughts. Meditation is the only source which can take us close to the soul; which is a genuine part of the Divine Light. The biggest hurdle which stops to go near the soul is the mind. The mind in its entirety must be immersed in God and this is the easiest path to a peaceful life and salvation.

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Health benefits of yoga

Yoga is good for your body. yoga-sequence

Yoga is for everyone, men, women, teenagers and for all ages. I have met many active adults, who practice yoga exercise regularly, are enjoying great health, and they look young and vibrant. One needs to be dedicated and have patience to achieve great results. it opens avenues to awareness and awareness is a flame that removes the ignorance in us. Yoga?  The word Yoga means union, which implies the union of mind body and soul. In fact, it has a scientific base and it consists of very well defined exercises from head to toe, whose benefits are marvelous.  In simple words, yoga means control on mind and discipline over the body. The only way to achieve and maintain a great body, beauty and an attractive figure is to do exercise regularly.

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