The word ‘Yoga’ literally means union or connection, which implies union with the Supreme Authority. It has a scientific base, and it consists of well-defined exercises from head to toe, whose benefits are marvelous. In simplicity, yoga means control of mind and discipline over the body. It opens avenues to awareness, which is a flame that removes ignorance and ignoble. Yoga is for everyone, men, women, teenagers and all ages. I have seen many active adults, who regularly practice yoga exercises, enjoy excellent health, and look young and vibrant. The only way to achieve and maintain a great body, beauty, and an attractive figure is to do regular yoga poses. You will find Yoga postures in detail in my new book “I AM YOGA.”
The techniques of yoga have been applied for centuries to heal the body, but in the modern age, people talk much about yoga which seems to center around the poses and their practice. Fortunately, the situation has been showing a change now, since more and more scientifically trained individuals associating themselves with yoga and the awareness that it does not mean only the ‘postures,’ has grown. Hath yoga includes mind-training exercises, breathing kriyas, and cleansing activities. It offers a training program for the entire individual and not only weight loss or the muscles alone. It aims at all the aspects of one’s personality and every part of its functions including how the mind works! Therefore, I would advise everyone to practice yoga techniques either singly or in addition to the other unique forms such as Pranayam breathing exercises, and Meditation.

Correct Breathing

1. Once we learn a breathing pattern, the body functions properly, and our health enhances. Pranic breathing is an internal exercise for our muscles and tissues. This breathing massages the body’s essential organs and is critical for those, who desire to enjoy excellent health. In Natural Cures pranic breathing is a unique gift from Mother Nature. If you regularly practice every day, may feel filled with a feeling of wellness and mental peace. Let us focus on the rhythm of the breath.

Rhythmic breathing has two different variations; in the beginning, when you inhale, count three and while exhaling count six. After a couple of weeks when you get used to this pattern, start holding the breath for three seconds before and after inhaling. After a month’s time, you will get used to the habit of pausing for a few seconds before and after the inhalation. It is the rhythmic pattern for breathing, and this particular breathing exercise is called Anulom Vilom or Nadi Shodhan. You will learn more when you study the entire chapter.

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3. Take a few quiet moments of calmness and peace; start to learn to sit with yourself by doing this breathing exercises, and focus on your breath. You have only to check your breathing coming in and going out, and this real focus on your breath can help to connect you with your inner self. This breathing practice is designed to calm your mind and body and regulate your breathing pattern. Even the beginners may feel a very soothing effect only after practicing a few months. Once you are ready to enjoy a quality living and healthy life, you need to make a firm decision and take out a little time to practice Pranayam every day. It will not only improve your mental and physical health but also can help to change your attitude towards positivity. From right this moment, start sitting in silence for five minutes to feel the sense of calmness that peaceful expression can offer.

Our soul is the creator of our different faculties and according to our ancient scriptures ‘Prana’ (breath) is the highest and significant vital force, created by the Soul. We also call it lifeforce. The full functions of the human body depend on the Prana and to keep our body in a proper functioning order we need to do Pranayam. While practicing breathing exercise, we become more centered and focused. It will teach you to be with yourself. It awakens our awareness of being the soul and not a little body. It can later assist you to animate the dormant qualities within you, and eventually evolve oneness with the source. It also helps to promote keeping us stay connected to the Authority.

4. As per Ayurveda: “Breathing is the physical part of thinking and Thinking is the psychological element of respiration.”

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