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I am Yoga

(Kindle Edition Also Available)

Suffering for 27 years from acute pain caused by car accident which damaged my spine, I was able to get rid of it with the help of Yoga. The doctors told me to live with this pain forever. Yoga can remove a disease from the root. It makes lazy people active and busy people feel relaxed. I have volunteered around 30 years teaching yoga to the community free of charge. I am trying to familiarize my American friends with my super culture and rich heritage from India.

Breathe To Live (Kindle Edition Also Available)

My Newest book “Breathe To Live” is a treasure on Pranayam for Mental, Emotional, and Physical health. The details on breathing kriyas and exercises in this book can help to decrease the pain and wheezing of Asthma, cleanse the lungs and improve their health, short breathers, the high blood pressure, and boost the memory and energy as well. Ayurveda experts believe these kriyas can heal any disorder in the human body if practiced correctly every day.

Clean Eating-40 Power Foods (Kindle Edition Also Available)

Prepare a great meal that satiates your pallet, nurtures your mind and nourishes your soul. Food is the fuel that powers our lives, a source of nutrients and gives energy to the body to carry out our daily internal and external functions. We all are supposed to believe that’s what food should be.

Scrumptious Meals from India Volume One (Kindle Edition Also Available)

My friends begged us to start our own catering services. Finally we came up opened with the SHIVA RESTAURANT, Cuisine of India in Fremont Plaza, in Fremont, California. The food was very much appreciated by customers in different newspapers, which made Indian food more popular in the area. I thank all those people , who encouraged and persuaded me to write down these recipes.

Scrumptious Meals from India Volume Two (Kindle Edition Also Available)

When you start cooking be a little creative, put in a little sincere effort and mix the ingredients thoroughly with faith in your skills. Blend it everything with a little tenderness and kindness, bring in a little sunshine and sprinkle your love abundantly. Serve smilingly and generously and help your children and spouse every day. This life is too short, but very precious and we have only this one life – nothing else.

Peaceful Mind Skinny Body (Kindle Edition Also Available)

There was another reason to learn more yoga and Nature Cure because here in US, doctors had told me that they cannot fix my problem and I have to suffer and live with this pain all my life. I thought “who knows, how long this “Perfect Soul” decides to live in this human body, so I had to go to yoga school to acquire more knowledge to keep this body fit and healthy”. Whenever I visited India, I studied yoga from many learned Yoga Instructors and Gurus from all over the beautiful awesome continent from the high Himalayas through many jungles, mountains, Kumaon Hills of India. Whenever I stayed in New Delhi I went to a new yoga school each time and I got new yoga instructor. I am so much thankful to my Lord for giving me wonderful teachers like Dr. Grover Kailashi (Naturopath), Dr. Navin Bhargav (Naturopath) and Kavi ji. I believe that I have accomplished in my life what I wanted and needed.


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